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Solar Battery Storage Systems

At Eco Energy and Projects Ltd, we can help you utilise maximum energy from your solar panels with first-class battery storage systems. We only install high-quality batteries from reputable brands such as Givenergy, Alpha and Soltaro.

Battery Storage System Installation

Solar panel battery storage systems charge over the course of a day and store up energy for night-time use. If you are unsure what battery capacity you need, or whether you could benefit from a greater energy conversation system, please contact one of our energy conservation consultants.

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Commercial Solar Panel Battery Storage

Eco-Friendly Solar Solutions for homeowners

The first phase is a comprehensive consultation where our experts engage with you to understand your energy needs, evaluate your property’s solar potential, and discuss your goals. This crucial step enables us to tailor a solar panel system that aligns with your unique requirements, taking into account factors such as roof orientation, shading, and available space.

Domestic Solar Panel Battery Storage

Plug and play technology for fast, mess free installations

Our sleek designed units are easily installed into your home within a few hours so you can see the benefits and start saving immediately. We offer a range of battery size and specification to suit your individual needs. Powering your home with clean renewable energy has never mattered more.

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If you are interested in having solar PV and battery storage system installed on your property, Eco Energy and Projects Ltd is the company to trust.
dura5 battery

Duracell Batteries

Duracell, a brand traditionally known for its reliable alkaline batteries, has expanded its product line to include solar storage batteries. These solar batteries are designed to store energy generated from solar panels, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution for residential and commercial use.
Duracell’s solar batteries are engineered to offer high performance and long-lasting durability, which makes them an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their energy independence and reduce their carbon footprint.

Alpha ESS – Smile-B3

All-in-one Battery Module with 3kW inverter

Part of the Residential Series, the Smile-B3 from Alpha ESS is an all-in-one battery module with 3kW inverter. Offering excellent performance and a long life span, it is low maintenance and easy to install with a 5-year product warranty and 10-year battery warranty.
Modular design, affordability and easy installation, just some of the reasons why the Smile B3 is the innovative solution for domestic battery storage. Under the auto mode, SMILE B3 will store surplus renewable energy onto the battery and discharge battery to supply power when renewable energy is not enough.
alpha ess 5 bat

Alpha ESS – Smile 5 - BAT

All-in-one Battery Module with 3kW inverter

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Smile5-BAT from Alpha ESS features a modular ‘plug & play’ design with a 5.7 kWh capacity and 10-year battery warranty. The Encharge™ storage system improves business by minimising service costs through proven reliability and powerful warranties. This new solar battery technology has been wowing partner installers since its release.

GivEnergy Installers

Giv-AC 3.0

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